The Blairs | 11.8.14 | Walking In A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Kendall + Andrew – Atlanta, Georgia

The Reid Barn


In late November, when the temperatures started becoming cooler, as the leaves were just beginning to fall from trees, and winter started slowly creeping in— we had the honor of traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to film our very first (of hopefully many more!) family weddings.  

We didn’t think we could love a “job” more…but add in simultaneously getting to spend time with family…and bam! The greatest!

We spent the entire weekend celebrating the love between the Ridzon & Blair families.
Two of the sweetest families anyone could ever ask to work with & be apart of! (though, we might just be a tad bit biased! ;) )

It was so fun being able to experience a wedding weekend like this! We were both able to tag along with the bride and groom for fun events like bridal luncheons, golf outings, and rehearsal dinners.  We loved getting to partake in these exciting times before their sweet day!

On Saturday morning, we took time to venture around the reception venue,  the Reid Barn. If you’re in the Atlanta area…you HAVE to check this place out! The land is gorgeous, picturesque, and there is a beautiful pond located right next to the barn, as well!

While we were exploring the venue, we were able to gather breathtaking aerial footage of the land. It was a gorgeous, blue-sky day. We could not have prayed for better weather!

And…as if our hearts were not already in love with this venue, our jaws completely  dropped to the floor once we first stepped foot inside of the barn. Nancy Ridzon, the bride’s mom, had truly outdone herself!

The bride described her vision of what she wanted to her mom…and she ran five miles with it.
Kendall’s pink & gold winter wonderland wedding dreams were almost too much to take in. (That’s a lie. We loved every tiny detail! We wouldn’t have complained if there was more! <3)  But the phrase “magazine-worthy” does not even come CLOSE to describing the girly, chic details that went into decorating the barn!

The pale pink. The gold. The glitter. The mimosa & hot chocolate bars.  The chic lounge furniture.  It was any cinematographer’s dream to capture. We could have spent the entire day filming detail shots alone!

We were able to sneak a few shots of Kendall and her bridesmaids getting their hair and make-up done at the barn…while Tyler was able to grab a few shots of Andrew getting ready at his brother, Michael’s, home.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how gorgeous Kendall is? Not only does she look strikingly similar to the gorgeous Taylor Swift…but her gorgeous heart and spirit honestly made her the most blushing bride.  
(Also. The red lipstick! Killer!)

The ceremony was held at the perfect church to say your vows in: so quaint, so cozy.
Family and friends gathered in the chapel as they anxiously were waiting to watch the beautiful bride walk down the isle to her handsome groom.

We can’t explain how sweet it was to watch Andrew & Kendall stand together before all of their family and friends, promising to live out God’s plan for their lives.

(And it didn’t help the tears stop when the groom got teary-eyed, himself,  as he watched Kendall walk down the isle! I mean. THE SWEETEST & BEST part of a wedding, right!?)

After these two said “we do!” and walked hand in hand out of the chapel…we were off to The Reid Barn for an afternoon of celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Blair! Guests were able to stuff their bellies full of the greatest food selection ever: french toast casserole, scrambled eggs, shrimp & grits, coffee & donuts, need we say more?! Who doesn’t love brunch!?

We listened to a heartfelt toast given by the father of the bride, everyone was able to warm up with hot-chocolate (and did we mention donuts!?) at the hot chocolate bar, there was lots of dancing, tasty wedding cake, and so much to take in!

Watching these two families become “one” right in front of our eyes was an absolute JOY to witness. Such a special day to get to be a small part of.

And of course…we can’t forget the bubble exit. Probably one of our favorite exits to date. BUBBLES. There are never enough bubbles. <3

A huge congratulations, Kendall & Andrew, we wish you nothing but the very best!


-Happy Camper Films-

Posted on February 14, 2015 .