The Shergills | 8.30.14 | Joyful American/Indian Wedding at Griffin Gate

Kirby + Karan

Griffin Gate Marriott Resort

From the moment we first spoke with Kirby on the phone about filming her wedding day- we just KNEW this couple, this wedding, this celebration- all of it was going to be SUPER special for so many different reasons.

You see, Kirby + Karan are one of those lucky couples that gets to have two wedding days! I know, right? These two were first married India alongside their families. We LOVED hearing all about their exciting adventures there and we loved EVEN MORE that they were just as excited to be getting married...the second time! ;)

We arrived that beautiful August morning at the Happily Ever After- Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa, where Kirby and her girls + Karan and his guys were all getting ready and eagerly anticipating the day!

The whole day was centered around family. Which meant so much to us to be apart of. 
To know you're filming a couple who is surrounded by two excited families and SOOO many loved ones and friends coming in from all over the country to celebrate. AMAZING. That's what it's all it not?

After Kirby's momma and girls helped her into her beautiful gown...Kirby was able to share a sweet first look with her daddy just moments before she walked down the isle to her excited groom. The two men who mean the most to her. Their reactions. Tears.

Kirby + Karan promised their vows and said their "I do's" in front of the gorgeous mansion at Griffin Gate and from there we ventured over to cocktail hour at their beautifully decorated tent reception.

Seriously. Everything about this day = so special, so fun, so heartfelt. There was so much laughter and excitement. The smiles. The DANCING. We have never been to a reception where every single guest was on the dance floor absolutely enjoying themselves!

I've said it before and I'll say it again-- there's no party like a Shergill-Little party!

We WILL be talking about this day for years to come. No doubt about it. We just loved it that much!

Thank you so much, K + K, for allowing us to be part of your day! We were delighted and honored to be there.

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa
Photographer: Heather May Photography
DJ/Musician: Christopher Cendana

Posted on August 30, 2014 .