Styled Bridal Shoot

The Coal Reserve - Somerset, Kentucky

Just imagine it...

Your amazing fiance has spent months {maybe even years} planning out the most elaborate surprise proposal...filled with the sweetest, personal details...and, on top of that, selected a gorgeous diamond ring that he knew you would LOVE. 
The day finally arrived when he would get down on one knee asking you to be his leading lady for life & you, without any hesitation of course, say

Days later...you've finally decided on a wedding date together & that's when it hits you...you're about to plan the day that you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl playing dress-up!

...& you have NO IDEA where to begin.


That's our sole purpose for this film, these gorgeous images, & this blog post. We are hoping that this will play a vital role in your planning! {Or, at least, that's our goal!}

On a breezy Sunday afternoon in late March, a team of 16 vendors from the Somerset, Kentucky area collaborated to bring brides-to-be from the region (and all over this great state) a little inspiration for what their wedding day has the potential to look like.

It's so very easy to become overwhelmed in the wedding planning process. As wedding videographers, we have taken note on several occasions where brides can easily become a little more stressed on their big day than they need to be. Hiring a skilled team of professionals {professional. (n) "a person who is an expert at his or her work."} is something we cannot stress enough when planning for your wedding day. These professionals are there to take on the stress FOR you. These are the people who are MASTERS at their crafts. People who will bend over backwards for you because this is just what they DO. These people will take your ideas and run miles with them...creating something even more wonderful than you possibly could have imagined.

And that's exactly what THIS team from Somerset, Ky did for our styled shoot.

When asking the talented, creative, & styled shoot mastermind, Dani Ford of Dani Ford Photography, about her vision for the day, she quickly responded with this:

"The driving force behind organizing this day was to showcase the talent that exists RIGHT HERE in Somerset. There are so many of us right here in our little hometown who are ready and willing to help offer our creative services and friendship to potential brides. We want to invest in you and show you that there are so many more choices for your wedding day...other than burlap and mason jars. *chuckles* But if that's your thing, totally okay, too! ;)"

So...with that mindset, the planning began.

Carefully & mindfully, a team of local talents was selected in creating the most amazing "wedding day."

Dani asked her lovely best friend, Angie, & her handsome husband, Stephen, to model and put their good looks to use...&, lucky for us, they happily obliged. They were the perfect model couple. Their love for one another is pure JOY to be around & their smiles & warm spirits were infectious. We owe claps all around to them for making the day a dream!

** Side-note: Our model couple shared with us that years ago when they were married they made the mistake of hiring a photographer who was unable to deliver images that were usable, due to the lack of experience in photographing weddings. This is something we would never wish for any bride or groom. When the wedding day is over...the delicious cake has been eaten...the venue has been cleaned...and you're adjusting to your new life as husband and wife...it is our wish for you that you will have images & video of QUALITY to remember your day by. This goes along with our encouragement in hiring PROFESSIONALS. (again: "a person who is an expert at his or her work.") While you could easily ask a friend or someone who has a "nice camera" to help you out for a low price...we urge you to remember Angie & Stephen's story. We do not want you to have huge regrets after your day has passed. We want you to cherish your photos & videos for years to come. When you are budgeting for your big day- we urge you to keep in mind that while photographers & cinematographers ARE two "huge" investments...these are two of the only aspects of the day that you will get to, not only, tangibly KEEP...but these are what will help you remember your day by for years to come. So, please, plan accordingly, budget, & choose quality! **

After our "bride" & "groom" had been carefully selected to fit the vision of our shoot, it was time to get to work. The first step was finding the theme for the shoot. Our goal was to produce a wedding day filled with a very rustic, ethereal, romantic vibe. LOTS OF ROMANCE, PEOPLE. Next, a color palette of soft pinks, creams, white, & the pantone color of the year for 2015- marsala- was selected.

The Coal Reserve in Somerset, Kentucky was the perfect venue selection for the theme of the shoot with it's beautiful architecture & 30 gorgeous acres of land that it sits on top of. This venue is just moments away from the heart of Somerset {the downtown area} & we can almost guarantee that you will fall in love with everything about this venue from the moment you pull into the lot. {Fun fact: This was actually where we held our reception for our own wedding in 2013! So, we might be a little biased. ;) }

Next on the list...and certainly two of the most important aspects of the day...THE WEDDING DRESS & BLING. Lacy Rose Dixon owner at Blush Bridal, a bridal & formal wear boutique located in downtown Somerset, provided a selection of the most elegant wedding gowns for Angie to style. Allen's Jeweler is where you need to head to help bring the glitz to your day. The jewelry that Mandy provided for the day was, not only stunning, but it completed the bridal look.

Along with choosing a beautiful venue we knew we needed a team of talented hair, make-up, salon, tan, & nail artists to help beautify our lovely "bride." HANDS DOWN, if you are in the Somerset area...you need to look up Paradise Tan, Hannah's Nail Lounge & Spa, A New Image Salon, & Melissa Dye. They are the ladies you need to run to RIGHT NOW! Angie looked absolutely flawless from her head to her toes thanks to the hard work & talent of each of these businesses. You deserve a team who you can trust to make ya look REAL GOOD, and believe me, they are IT.

What's a wedding without a CAKE? & just take a look at this one.
Naked cakes are so IN, y'all! Kristi Shipp with Sweet Celebrations created a masterpiece with this one. Not to mention...it tastes just as good as it looks. I would have eaten the entire thing if I could have. She's your girl, brides-to-be!

So...you have your cake...but your guests can't dig into that without first filling their bellies with a delicious meal catered by Sandy Godbey Ellnor of Sassy Spoon Catering. Not only will your food taste amazing...but it will LOOK amazing. I'm convinced Sandy is an artist because her food IS a work of art. We have no other recommendations in catering because SSC is our number one choice. EVERY TIME.

& just for fun...& because every bride deserves to feel like a princess.

Angie not only LOOKED like a princess...but she got her very own trusty steed. Popcorn, our beautiful horse model, provided by Cherokee Stables, was the perfect addition to the day. His beautiful icy-blue eyes & mane decorated in wild-flowers...he completed the fairytale.

styled bridal session-styled bridal session-0051.jpg
styled bridal session-styled bridal session-0055.jpg

We are so thrilled to share this styled shoot with you. We hope that after you finish reading, gazing at these gorgeous images, & watching the film of the day...you will feel inspired in your planning or future planning.

Your wedding day deserves to feel like the most beautiful fairytale...we would LOVE to bring yours to life.


The Amazing Team:

Dresses/Tux/Accessories: Lacy Rose Dixon Owner at Blush Bridal
Spray Tan:  Leslie Hart, Paradise Tan
Nails: Hannah Thayer, Hannah's Nail Lounge & Spa
Massage:  Jill England, Hannah's Nail Lounge & Spa
Jewelry: Mandy Morgan at Allen's Jewelers
Makeup: Melissa Dye
Hair: Cristina Mort at a New Image Salon
Kristi Shipp Sweet Celebrations
Venue/Floral Designs: Charlotte Widener Ikerd, The Coal Reserve
Video: Allison & Tyler Blair, Happy Camper Films
Photography: Dani Ford, Dani Ford Photography
Horse Handler: Tiffany Crawford, Cherokee Stables
Catering/Entree/Table Design: Sandy Godbey Ellnor of Sassy Spoon Catering
Appetizers: 'Chef' Jennifer Adams at The Coal Reserve
Models: Angie & Stephen Gabbard
Horse Model: Popcorn From Cherokee Stables
Assistant: Demi Napier



Posted on April 26, 2015 .