5.25.13 - 5.25.15

Happy 2nd Birthday, Happy Camper Films!

& In celebration of HCF's second birthday, Tyler and Allison have decided to share...*drum roll please*...their very first wedding film! Ever!

It's crazy to think back to this time two years ago when a couple of friends asked Tyler to film their wedding and he, with great excitement, agreed to the challenge. At the time, Tyler could not even recall the last wedding he had been to. He had little to no understanding of everything that went into a wedding day. He was unsure of a lot of things...but he was very sure of the fact that he felt honored to get to create a film that would capture the love between Robin and Noah on their wedding day- one of the happiest days of their lives.

These two years seem to have flown by. There are so many emotions flooding in as we look back on these past two years.

Over the course of these two years, Allison has joined Tyler full-time in the adventure. Her time of being the girl who would carry Tyler's gear and man a stationary camera in the balcony came to a close. Tyler filmed his first three weddings almost completely solo...and quickly he realized something was missing...and that was Allison.

Tyler began teaching Allison absolutely everything he knows (which is a lot, y'all). From things as basic as camera settings to things a little trickier (well, to her) like how to use a slider. Allison, who (thanks to her mom) had a creative eye and was always interested in photography/capturing still moments...was now given the challenge of capturing movement, sound, and emotion.

She quickly fell in love with filming and her love just continued to grow.

In two years, Tyler and Allison decided to dive in and become an "official" business and their first stop was deciding upon a name. With a desire to one day primarily travel the world filming weddings and own their own vintage camper - AND because they think it's pretty cute - they mutually agreed upon the name "Happy Camper Films."

Over the course of these two years, they have had the opportunity to film a total of 28 weddings (with 20 still awaiting them in 2015!) They have, also, participated in several bridal shows around the state, spent multiple nights networking with some of the most talented wedding vendors in Kentucky, participated in a styled shoot, written an article for Kentucky Bride Magazine, partnered with Elizabeth Anne Designs, booked their first couple of destination weddings, spent countless hours watching Creative Live courses & listening to pod-casts, and can recall several nights where they could be found editing films in their office until bird chirps were audible and morning light was visible.

In two years, they have witnessed what Holy marriages look like. They have seen love show up. They have shed tears during countless father-daughter dances. They have belly-laughed at some crazy dance skills. They have experienced complete joy in serving their couples on their wedding days. They have been touched by the generosity of those God has chosen to place in their path...whether it be fellow wedding videographers (many of which have become great friends) they have met along the journey, the wonderful photographers they have gotten to work alongside, the amazing wedding planners who pour themselves into serving everyone around them, or whether it's been something as simple as a friend, family member, or total stranger letting them know how much they have enjoyed their work.

Basically...it's almost impossible for them to remember what life was like when it wasn't centered around marriage & weddings. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

If you would have told them two years ago, today, that this is where they would be...they might have laughed in your face a little. Today, though, they praise God for His provision & direction.

Tyler and Allison are not parents, but Happy Camper Films feels like their first child. And much like a parent is proud of their child...they are so proud of their "baby" business.

Last September (when T & A were trying their hand at the whole "blogging" thing over at happycamperfilmsblog.com) they shared their "business prayer" with those who cared enough to take a few seconds to read.

They wrote:

"We are so thankful to get to be part of people's stories. We get to step inside of their world for a season and we get to know them and how they fell in love and what brought them together. And then we get to watch them devote themselves to one another on their wedding days and THEN (the best part) we are allowed the privilege of watching their marriage grow after the wedding day. It’s amazing."

(* you can read the full blog post here: http://happycamperfilmsblog.com/2014/09/30/our-business-prayer/ * )

Their prayer is to never lose this enthusiasm that God has placed on their hearts for marriages. It's this very enthusiasm that sneaks itself into their films and allows them to create such amazing stories. They recognize that this business is their ministry and they pray that God will continue to use them for however long He chooses!

What an amazing, fun-filled, emotional roller-coaster of adventure these past two years have been!

Thank you for sticking by,

Happy Camper Films


Posted on May 25, 2015 .