The Boyers | 5.23.15 | An Elegant Louisville Wedding.

Marina + Adam - Louisville, Ky

The Marcus Lindsey

"I believe in us and what we have together. I believe that it's strong and special. One of a kind. Unique. Incredible. Amazing. I believe it and I know it. And I cannot wait to keep building and growing what we have for the rest of our lives."

We knew it was going to be an amazing wedding day when we walked into the Marcus Lindsey and, first thing, saw a poster made for the bride that was referencing "The Office."
Disclaimer: anyone who quotes The Office is an instant favorite in our book.
We died laughing, looked at one another, and said: "yep. best day ever."

We arrived to TML in downtown Louisville that Saturday afternoon as Marina, the bride, and her bridesmaids were all in their final stages of hair and makeup. Lauren Horne and Amelia Evans made each of these ladies look absolutely flawless! We are always so impressed with the talented hair and makeup teams we get to work with!

Speaking of being impressed- working so extremely hard behind the scenes throughout this wedding day were two of our favorite people in the universe- Lorrie & Melissa of L&M Detailed Events. When we arrived to The Marcus Lindsey they were doing what they do best: which is everything. They never sit down because they are always seeking out ways to help. They're absolutely amazing at everything they do...which is why their wedding days are absolutely some of the BEST to be a part of! These ladies are there to make sure everything looks spectacular, give each vendor direction, take complete care of you, & make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. Knowing all of this, beforehand, about Lorrie & Melissa, we knew that Marina & Adam were in THE BEST hands.

We also arrived to the venue with plenty of time to set up a few shots of the gorgeous BHLDN bridal gown, J.Crew bridesmaids dresses, and the bride's STUNNER shoes from AERIN. We were also able to grab footage of the ladies each sporting their gorgeous Plum Pretty Sugar floral pj's & looking absolutely adorable in them as they watched their beautiful friend preparing to see her groom for the very first time.

Meanwhile, Adam, the groom, and his best guys were hanging out at one of his groomsman's home playing a little corn-hole, soccer, and getting Adam ready to see his bride for the very first time.

The photographers, Lang & Kate of Lang Thomas Photography, scouted out the most perfect red wall on Washington Street (right behind the Marcus Lindsey) and lead Adam over to where he would stand for their first look.

Just moments before he was about to see his bride-to-be for the very first time, Adam was delivered a handwritten letter from Marina to read. You could see the excitement written all over his face as he read the words she wrote for him. There might have even been a few tears shed...way to go, Marina! ;)

As Marina began making her way up the sidewalk...looking absolutely flawless in her BHLDN bridal gown...Adam was beaming from ear to ear! Marina stopped just feet from Adam, took a second to take in the sweet moment, & finally, Adam was able to turn around & take a look at his stunning bride for the very first time. *que the tears*

These two are the absolute sweetest & the way their faces lit up in seeing one another for the very first time made us choke up a little, we won't lie. We love first looks for THIS very reason.

Marina & Adam were given a few minutes to take it all in & when they finally turned around they were greeted by an excited bridal party who were standing  only a few blocks away watching/cheering from a distance!

Following their first look, the bride & groom, the entire bridal party, the photographers, wedding planners, and ourselves, hopped onto their trolley (provided by the Free Enterprise System) and we began making our way around downtown Louisville for pictures. We stopped at multiple places on our trolley ride, including the lovely 21C Hotel.

Following pictures, it was finally time to head to St. Joseph Catholic Church for their ceremony. Guests, one by one, began filling the pews inside the immaculate Cathedral. The priest conducted a beautiful mass & before we knew it, Marina & Adam were pronounced husband & wife!

Following their ceremony at St. Joseph, guests were invited back to The Marcus Lindsey for a cocktail hour while Marina & Adam began to take family portraits. Guests were serenaded by the old timey tunes of the Mountain Park Old Time Band and the hardworking staff from The Mayan Cafe were there to provide guests with yummy appetizers. Guests were also able to enjoy drinks provided by Morris' Deli while enjoying the gorgeous blooms & cool breeze in the garden of TML. It truly was a gorgeous day in May.

Shortly after, Marina, Adam, and their bridal party were announced into the cocktail hour and the bride and groom began to mingle with their guests before they were invited to venture into The Marcus Lindsey for cake, dancing, toasts, and did we mention dancing!?! Because there was lots of it!

What a lovely evening it was! Marina's father delivered the sweetest, heartfelt speech as he welcomed Adam into their family. The gorgeous (and DELICIOUS) cakes created by Louisvillicious were cut & enjoyed by each guest! Jordan Kassel did a fabulous job entertaining and getting every guest out on the dance floor! The Mayan Cafe filled everyone's bellies & donuts from Plehn's bakery were available for guests to munch on, as well!

What an incredibly special day! We felt so honored to play such a small part in such a big day.

We wish you only the best as you embark on this new adventure, Marina + Adam! Thank you for choosing us to tell the story of your day.

We pray this film serve as a reminder to you that love is an adventure.


Allison + Tyler Blair
Happy Camper Films


The Wedding Team:

Wedding Planners: Lorrie & Melissa, L & M Detailed Events
Photography: Lang & Kate Leichhardt, Lang Thomas Photography
Cinematography: Allison & Tyler Blair, Happy Camper Films
Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Marcus Lindsey
Hair: Lauren Horne, Jazz Salon
Makeup: Amelia Evans Makeup Artist
Florist: Hide and Seek Design
Band: Mountain Park Old Time Band
DJ: Jordan Kassel
Cake(s): Louisvillicious Cakes
Catering: The Mayan Cafe
Bridal Gown/Sash: BHLDN
Bridal Shoes: Aerin
Bridesmaids Dresses: J.Crew
Bridesmaids PJs: Plum Pretty Sugar
Grooms Tux: The Black Tux
Trolley/Transportation: The Free Enterprise System
Marquee Letters: Marina Hoe Boyer, Bride
Rentals: Events LLC
Bartenders: Morris' Deli
Donuts: Plehn's Bakery
Lighting: Doo Wop Shop



Posted on June 19, 2015 .