Have Questions?  We Have Answers!

How much will you charge?

To give you an idea, our wedding films begin at $3800 for our base package. Please send us an email via our contact page, so that we can get a conversation going with you, send you our pricing guide, see if we are the right fit for you, and, if so, hopefully, get you booked on our calendar. *Please note that we only take a limited number of weddings per month, so be sure to contact us for our availability as soon as you possibly can. Typically, our couples book us anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance.*

Do you travel?

Yes, absolutely we do! While we are based out of Lexington, Kentucky, we consider ourselves traveling filmmakers as our business seems to take us away from home more often than not. In the past few years, we have had the pleasure to document love in places that are incredibly special to our couples and their stories. These places have included: all over the beautiful Bluegrass state, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Martha's Vineyard, Milwaukee, Florida, and the Dominican Republic. A large portion of our couples are planning weddings outside of our home-state, so no place is too far for us. Please feel free to ask us about our special travel packages for travel and destination weddings.

Do you film elopements?

Again, the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! Please send us over your exciting, adventurous plans and we will be happy to talk further with you about our elopement packages with you. We know that elopements are handled very differently than traditional weddings and have created a package just for these occasions. 

We see that your films use a lot of dialogue while others do not, why is this?

We love that this is something you have noticed throughout our films. Dialogue, to us, is KEY in creating your story. We love including excerpts from heartfelt speeches, letters that you might choose to write to one another and read aloud, the vows that you promise to one another during your ceremony, and any other natural sound throughout the day that immerses you back into the atmosphere of your wedding day. This is what we feel allows our films to stand apart from many others. We value your story and believe that dialogue is key in allowing us to tell it.

What is your filming style? Do you two pose/direct/or tell us what to do?

Because we are looking to film natural moments, we do as little "posing" or "styling" as possible. We love catching the moments that are very intimate, honest, authentic, and very real throughout your wedding.  While we use cinematic techniques when filming, the real drive behind our films is to let you see your day the way it happened: the laughing, the tears, the details, the enthusiasm, the nervousness,and everything in between. Therefore, we will create a very playful environment while filming in order to evoke true emotions from you. Any "creating" that we do is done with this in mind. We want you to watch your wedding film and remember true feelings, not forced poses.

We want YOU! What do we do next?

We are so excited that you feel we are a great fit for you and your wedding day. We truly consider it an honor that you want to trust us with these precious memories. What you need to do now is fill out our contact sheet (if you haven't already) so that we can check our availability on our calendar! If we are, indeed, available the next step will be scheduling a meeting so that we can discuss your wedding day, the package you want to build. Once you have built your package, we will draft up a contract proposal to send to you and have you pay a deposit. Once you have looked over, approved, and signed your contract and we have received your deposit, your date will officially be booked on our calendar. From there, we will keep in touch with you (of course, you should expect us to add you as friends on Facebook and expect us to stalk your Instagram accounts ;) ) and enjoy every second of getting to know you more up until your big day!

We want to meet you! Can we meet you?

YES! This is SO important to our film making process. We do not want to just be another wedding vendor on your list. We want to get to know you! We want to understand your story and how you came to know and love one another. We want to establish a friendship with you. A huge basis behind what we do is based on comfort and trust. If you aren't comfortable with a camera in front of your face - how on earth will you be comfortable with a STRANGER holding up a camera in front of your face!? So, the answer is YES. If you're local - let's double date, cook out, grab pizza, or coffee. Lets build that trust and friendship! If you are one of our wonderful travel couples from out of town, let's set up a Skype date or face-time call and sip coffee together from other sides of a screen! We can't wait to get to know you!

When will you show up to film?

This will usually all be discussed beforehand in one of our meet-ups.  Depending on the length of your preparations throughout the day, we want to arrive as early as possible.  However, since our packages include up to 8 hours of filming, it may be necessary to arrive at a specific time so that we can cover the entire wedding and reception.  For example, if you have paid for 8 hours of shooting, and your reception expects to last until 10 and you have a sparkler exit you are dying to have on film, we could not begin filming until 2 or so.  However, there may also be times that we are easily able to arrive earlier and will start filming without an additional charge.  This can all be discussed, and hourly charges will only be incurred if it is longer than the initially agreed upon time.

What do you film?

Hopefully you have seen a sample highlight video from a previous wedding by now! Grooms, often times, this seems to pertain more to you. C'mon guys! ;)  As you see there, we may try to film the venues, dressing, decoration, ceremony, reception, etc.  We are also more than happy to film rehearsal dinners! Just send us an email and we can let you know what the pricing is for those events. Please remember that not every wedding is the same, so we may not get the exact same shots as a previous wedding video you have seen. This is what makes each film we create so unique to every couple who chooses us.  However, we do our best to ensure that each and every video is as beautiful as your wedding day itself.

Can we pick the music in the videos? 

We wish we could say yes, but unfortunately, it isn't that easy.  For our online highlights videos, we must legally purchase licenses for the songs.  However, we use two websites: TheMusicBed.com and SongFreedom.com to select our music, and if you would like, you may look through these websites to give us a few options.  If you do decide to do this, we ask that you would give us a decent sized list of songs, so that we may still choose a song that matches well with the look and feel that we are envision for your video!  Or, you can leave the song selection process up to us (this is what we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE) and we will take care of it!


We have chosen to only take on a limited amount of weddings every year so that we can give more of our creativity and attention to each couple. With this in mind, it has allowed us to shorten our delivery time from what it has been in previous years. Wedding films (3-7 minute edits) will generally be delivered 1-2 months after a wedding, while other edits (Family Films*, Feature Films*) will be delivered 3-4 months after a wedding. We ensure you that you will not be left in the dark during our process. We continue to keep you updated after your wedding on our process and the date of delivery for your films. You will never be guessing as to when you might be expecting to receive it.