"The time that I spent with Allison and Tyler has been the single most constructive interaction for my business to date. I now feel confident that I am building a strong foundation which will not only lead me to success in the business of wedding films, but also a great enjoyment of the actual films I create. For myself I can say that mentoring has been invaluable."       

-JW Beatovich, Original Focus Productions


We are excited to say that we are now offering one-on-one mentoring sessions!  Over the years, we have learned so much from our experiences and from other creatives, and we are so excited to connect with you to help with any advice we can!

A one-on-one mentoring session consists of a one hour virtual meeting over Skype (or in person if possible!) where we are happy to discuss any variety of topics or questions you may have!

Topics can typically include:

  • Getting started in the wedding world
  • Shooting/Editing/Workflow
  • Pricing and Packaging
  • The "business" side of your business
  • Finding clients and connecting with colleagues
  • Social Media

But it isn't just limited to those topics, we would love to answer any questions you may have!

If you are interested in a mentoring session with us, please contact us and we would love to get a meeting scheduled!

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